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Difficult, Dangerous And Occasionally Toxic

Enter At Your Own Risk

This journal is various bits of fictional whatsits. The ostensibly real me is around here... somewhere.

The Tags

Code Black - A homegrown sort-of RPG. Tongue-in-cheek "cinematic" (ie, totally unrealistic) espionage. There's often a streak of the ridiculous in Code Black's annals, as their successes are rarely as spectactular as their failures. There's even an out of date website, if you're that curious.
        Andrea - My particular Code Black darling. So I write about her a lot.
        Spooks - I've done some crossing over with the Brit show, Spooks (MI-5 in the USA and Canada), which is about as opposite to Code Black as possible, so why I did it, I can't imagine. Fanfic often defies logic.

Viersan - A Vampire: The Masquerade character I created far too many years ago. He's your standard smooth-talking rat bastard, although he's had some complications, lately, mostly because of the characters below.

Yvette - She was a vampire, once, but got better. It's hard to explain. It involves a past GM of mine, some Progenitor mages and a whole lot of RNA. Not that she knows that. Bad enough she remembers being a vampire in the first place. (Former) Ghoul to Viersan, and thus much entangled with him. A lot more material featuring Viersan, Yvette and Yvette's 'predecessor' may be found here.

Patricia - A Vampire: The Masquerade character and one I've played for quite some time. She has a regular journal at dr_demontfort but when she crept into Viersan's back yard, I had to create a tag for her.